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We are a family business for production of unique glass ornaments for a Christmas tree and other glass figurines and ornaments made of blown glass. This is a passionate hobby which blossomed into a small artisanal workshop.

We boast over 20 years experience in glass blowing, which in a later procedure we manually decorate to get unique glass ornament balls for Christmas tree or other ornaments made ​​of glass. Along with glass ball ornaments we make various other ornaments of glass, like Christmas treetops, figurines, hearts of glass and other products according to client's needs.

The ornament balls are made from a small vial of glass tubes of different diameters which are heated and vented to the ball diameters of 5, 6, 8 and 10 cm. To create unique glass ornament balls and other ornaments require extensive knowledge and skills, a lot of love, patience, time, and precision during painting and decorating. The fragile beauty of uniquely crafted glass beads for Christmas tree extraordinary captivates views as a holiday decoration or as a gift for business partners. With glass ornament balls and figurines we cater to the needs of the client.

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is undoubtedly the ultimate family holiday. With ease and peace we celebrate the birth of Jesus, which the Christian world celebrates since the fourth century. Traditions of Christmas celebrations in Croatia are diverse which makes part of the wealth of our country. Burning the Yule log, bringing straw into the house, carols and sowing wheat, are just some of the varied customs in Croatia. With the celebration of Christmas worship are numerous traditions like decorating the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, going to Midnight Mass, singing Christmas carols and giving gifts to relatives.

One of the customs that the Croatian tradition kept up to date the sowing of wheat. The wheat is sown on St. Lucy celebration day and allowed to grow until Christmas. Tradition dictates that the wheat on this great holiday is decorated with colors of the Croatian flag: red, white and blue. Depending on how the wheat emerged, this was supposed to be the yield on the field next year. Wheat is a symbol of fertility, renewal and new life.

Day before Christmas is called Christmas Eve, and its name comes from the word "watch over" because on Christmas Eve we are reverently watching, waiting for the birth of Christ. In Christmas Eve night, an important role is played by the light. Not omitted since ancient times are the usual Christmas candles, and in the Croatian regions especially for this occasion special made ​​candles are made called - "svijeća voštanica". "Badnjak" is actually a stump, and in Dalmatia the tradition was hacking down an olive tree and burning it. "Badnjak"(stump) would be circulated around the house, and the opportunity to carry it had the oldest member of the family. With it would come to the house and set it on fire before blessing it with holy water. Everybody regarded "Badnjak"(stump) as a living being, sprinkling wheat on it, watering it with wine, and people would give it food remains. When ignited, it simmered to Epiphany and it was believed that in the house where it extinguished will befall accident. Ashes of burnt off "Badnjak" would be spread to the vineyards, fields and orchards, and it was believed that this act brings a fruitful year.

Christmas carols

Croatian Christmas songs are among the largest, most diverse and most beautiful Christmas songs in the world. Croatian musical tradition is rich with Christmas carols and tunes. It is difficult to enumerate because it is believed that the Croatian folk music is the world's richest treasury of Christmas songs. Some of the famous Croatian folk Christmas songs are "Child is born to us," "Kyrie eleison", "Peoples us", "At that time vintages," "Joy you preach", "The miracle of new pastors," "All the earth "...

Advent wreath

Recently, the practice spread of making Advent wreath with four candles whereas on each Advent Sunday one candle is lit. Weaved of evergreen branches, but so that there is no beginning and no end which signifies eternity. It consists of two basic symbols - a circle and light. In the wreath are inserted four candles which represent the four joints in human history: creation, incarnation, redemption and the end. The first Advent Sunday the first candle is lit and so on until Christmas. Candle light indicates the coming of Jesus.

St. Nicholas

During Advent, celebrated on the day of St. Nicholas November 6, sometime called the "Nikolinje." Then the children are given presents just like St. Nicholas a bishop, who according to legend secretly at night through the window brought gifts to the poor people. St. Nicholas is always accompanied by angels and "Krampus" depending on whether it is good or naughty children, who receive the rod from Krampus. Children clean their boots and put them in the windows before going to sleep the night before St. Nicholas. In the morning, when they wake up, greet them boots full of gifts!

Christmas Tree

is one of the most popular traditions associated with the celebration of Christmas. This is usually an evergreen tree that is brought into the home or is placed in the open. During the days before Christmas it is decorated with ornament balls, sweets and Christmas lights, small multicolored lights, whereas in the past were more often decorated with candles. At the top of the tree are often placed an angel or a shooting star that represents the Star of Bethlehem from the story of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Christmas star

(also known as Advent star) is a Christian symbol representing the Star of Bethlehem. According to the Gospel of Matthew (Matthew 2: 1-12) was the star of Epiphany led to Bethlehem where Jesus Christ was born. As a signpost symbol became beside the manger and Christmas angels an important element of Christmas decorations directly connected with Christianity. Christmas star is placed on top of the Christmas tree where typically remains until the Epiphany on January 6th.


Advent is a time of preparation for the coming and the birth of Jesus Christ and consists of four weeks immediately preceding Christmas and symbolizing the four millennia, as the Bible said passed since the creation of the world until the coming of Christ. According to church traditions, the day of St. Catherine begins the prescribed four week fasting period. Through the time of Advent, our thoughts and feelings are to move into the past, with the memory of the first coming of Christ, and in the future, the hope of his return again.

Christmas cakes as our grandmother use to make them

One of the main features of Christmas is certainly a family reunion at the table. There is nothing nicer than the scent of fresh baked cookies on Christmas Eve or fresh local cookies with hot chocolate or tea you eat with your loved ones on a cold winter evening. It is these small but important things that make the festive season special and intimate atmosphere. Small, crisp cookies and crackers are a favorite treat, and their preparation is part of the tradition, the holiday magic in which love is open to all members of the household. Vanilla horns, Isler, peaches, gingerbread star with jam, remember? Smell of childhood, waiting to finally open the gifts, that the grandpa with a beard comes, and evoke snow and a white Christmas. Even today there are just as nice and sweet, and today, with coffee, tea or mulled wine will hardly resist the rum balls or coconut balls, various paws, fritters, cookies with nuts, almonds, crudities sprinkled with chocolate sprinkles and colorful candies. Deliciously fragrant Christmas cakes can serve as a special gift under the tree, pack them in a decorative box, decorate with ribbon or a card.

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26.11. - 24.12.2021. “Advent sale”, at City Center one East

Visit us at City Centre one on Žitnjak in Zagreb on 26.11.2021.

City Centre One east! Big stand with a full range. Infront of DM store (level -1) Open from 09-21h. On Christmas Eve from 09 to 10pm.

24.11. - 30.12.2018 “Advent Fair ”, in Bogovićeva street

Visit us in Bogovićeva Street in Zagreb 24.11.2018.

A big stand with the whole assortment, professional staff and very reasonable prices. We are open from 10-21h.

28.11. - 10.01.2016 “Advent Fair ”, in Gajeva street

Visit us in Gajeva Street in Zagreb 28.11.2015.

A big stand with the whole assortment, professional staff and very reasonable prices. Stand 19. We are open from 10-21h.

11.12.2015. “Neighbourhood story ”, in newspapers

Story of glass ornaments

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28.12.2015. “Holidays before ”, in newspapers

Story of how holidays were celebrated

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26.11. - 30.12.2014 “Advent Fair ”, in Gajeva street

Visit us in Gajeva Street in Zagreb 26.11.2014.

A big stand with the whole assortment, professional staff and very reasonable prices. Stand 21 in front of GHETALDUS. We are open from 10-21h.

Christmas Bazaar

Visit us at the Fair 07.12.2014.

21st Christmas Fair of the International Women's Club (IWCZ) will be held December 7, 2014 g. At the Zagreb Fair, pavilion 7. As last year, the presence of prof. Dr. Tatjana Josipović, will magnify opening ceremony. International Women's Club is a non-profit organization that brings together women of different nationalities living in Croatia. One of the most important goals of the association is to raise funds to help Croatian institutions or groups working for the welfare of women and children. We are generously supported by domestic and foreign business organizations, embassies and national associations of states. This year's revenue is intended for Neonatal Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University Hospital "Sveti Duh" in Zagreb. Proceeds will be used to purchase materials and equipment for the department.


I ove godine na velikom društvenom događaju

Uz veliki društveni i glazbeni događaj moći ćete kupiti i ručno oslikane staklene kuglice te druge staklene figurice po promotivnim cijenama.


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